Lately, we have gotten a lot of questions about the Competition LED lights we carry. Most of the questions generally boil down to:

  • Why that brand?

  • Who are they?

  • Are the products any good?

In a world where you can buy lights just about anywhere from ebay to amazon to pick your favorite vendor, it can be difficult to discern the difference and justify the cost. I am going to exclude the bargain/cheap quality off brand lights in my explanation simply because they don’t belong even remotely close to the category that Competition LED lights are in. When we think of competitors to Competition LED a couple of brands come to mind; Rigid, ARB, KC, and Hella.

So why buy Competition LED lights over the competitors? Price and quality. They cost significantly less than the comparable models in other brands and are brighter.

Each light is built to withstand serious punishment. They are built to last, heavy, and almost all models come with a stainless steel bracket. We put them on all our racing rigs and our customer racing rigs and we have had zero issues.

Each lights comes with a complete high power harness with pre wired switch, fuse and Tyco relay if you need it.

Their 5 watt lineup is a true 5 watt light and their lux measurement on all their lights blows everyone else away in terms of brightness. Lumen count is not the best way to measure this so don’t be fooled.

So, if you are on the fence or have additional questions, let us know. And if you don’t like reading:

TL;DR: best quality, brighter than the competition, extremely durable lights at a great price!

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