A winch is something you need to have, something that has to work when you need it, and often goes completely overlooked between wheeling seasons. If you aren’t forced to pull rope or cable at least once during an offroading excursion you are doing it wrong – just kidding, all wheeling is good wheeling but having a winch that you think works is far riskier than knowing you don’t have a get out of jail free card on your front bumper.

When I bought my first winch I naturally chose a premium winch. A well-known brand and a very slick model thinking that it needs to work every time and it should prove to be a great investment. So why am I now removing my Warn Zeon 10s and replacing it with a ComeUp 9.5rsi? Keep reading. 


There is a good chance that if you are reading this you haven’t heard about the ComeUp brand until about how long it took you to find this article. That is ok. They have been around for a long time, are extremely popular in other countries, and used to white label their winches for bigger brands like ARB. They have great customer service and a solid warranty just in case. If you are at all hesitant because you don’t know the brand check out their Facebook page. Some incredible use cases and examples of the winches always coming through in extreme conditions.

But Warn has the same marketing information and is touted as the best of the best. So why am I replacing my Warn?

The ComeUp 9.5rsi is faster, cooler, and draws less power than the Warn Zeon 10s throughout the entire spectrum, no matter the load.

And this true when comparing most models in the same price brackets. Also, the ComeUp provides a battery health readout on the front of the winch and monitors how hot the winch is with an audible alarm as well as a meter on the front. Oh, did I mention it is completely waterproof and works completely submerged in water? At SEMA, ComeUp had their winch in a fish tank all week and it worked flawlessly the entire week. A final nice touch, if you buy an integrated wireless version, you can use the wireless and wired controller simultaneously. I could explain the cone breaking technology in the winch but Warn has that too ... The difference? Location. Come Up places the brake outside the drum which allows it to run cooler. Warn's cone brake is inside the drum and can heat up the winch quickly and possibly damage your synthetic rope.

Don’t continue thinking there is only one premium brand winch. ComeUp has something for everyone. Even those who compete and can’t continue until they spool their winch. ComeUp has a model that, with no load, can pull over 160 feet of cable per minute.

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